Monday, June 22, 2015

Water Main Installation Continues

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Water main installation along Heatherfield Lane
Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Continue with water main installation along Heatherfield Lane.

Thank you to those residents that were affected by the scheduled water main shut down on Tuesday to allow for the new water main to be connected to the existing water main at Ferndale Road and Heatherfield Lane.  

Due to the heavy rain events over the past week, the contractor needed to change plans in the location of water main installation. The contractor was anticipating to work along Heatherfield Lane from Ferndale Road north towards Sherwood Road. Unfortunately, the amount of water entering the trenches made this impossible; therefore the contractor moved to the north side of the project at Sherwood Road and is now working south towards Ferndale Road.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding as the water main installation continues.