Monday, October 5, 2015

Final Asphalt Paving Completed. Rio Vista Storm Sewer On-Going.

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Final layer of asphalt pavement
·         Internal lining of existing sanitary sewers
·         Final walk-through to note any repairs needed along project site
·         General site clean-up.
Rio Vista Storm Sewer
·         Installed new storm sewer from river to Rio Vista Road
·         Directional drilled storm sewer under existing tree
·         Connected existing sump pump connections to new storm sewer 

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         General site clean-up
·         Internal lining of sanitary sewers along Beech Drive
Rio Vista Storm Sewer
·         Remove and preparatory work for asphalt driveway replacement
·         Landscape restoration.

The project is nearly completed now that the final asphalt surface has been installed. Thank you again for all your patience and understanding has you have lived in a construction area over the past few months. Hopefully you are satisfied with the end project.