Friday, August 28, 2015

Concrete Curb & Gutter This Week

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Removal and replacement of storm manhole at Ferndale and Sherwood.
·         Roadway excavation and grading
·         Excavation and installation of aggregate base for concrete curb & gutter 

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Monday – Install string line in preparation for concrete curb & gutter
·         Tuesday – Grading and necessary adjustments in preparation for concrete curb & gutter
·         Wednesday – Pour concrete curb & gutter
·         Thursday – Complete pouring concrete curb & gutter, grading behind curb & gutter, and grading for driveway restoration.
·         Friday – Continue with grading behind curb & gutter, grading for driveway restoration, and possibly begin asphalt and concrete driveway restoration (depending on work progress). 

The next 10 days or so will have the greatest inconvenience regarding driveway access. Please have all vehicles removed from your driveways and garages by 7:00 AM on Monday, August 31st. We anticipate driveway access will be stored by Wednesday September 9th depending on work progress and weather conditions. This will allow the concrete ample time to cure as well grading of the existing roadway and paving the first 2 layers of asphalt pavement prior to driveway access being restored.

We understand the inconvenience that is caused due to driveway access being restricted, especially over the Labor Day weekend. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as this phase of construction takes place.